Fun Facts about Trees

  • Trees are a crucial part of the ecosystem
  • According to the Community Forest Guidebook, "100 trees remove about five tons of CO2, and 1000 pounds of other pollutants within their lifetime. CO2 is toxic to the human body so it is important for trees to remove it."
  • After storms, trees are able to trap large amounts of water in their leaves, trunks and branches. The Community Forest Guidebook says that for "every 1,000 trees, storm water run-off is reduced by one million gallons."
  • Trees provide a home for many types of animals.
  • A single tree can absorb one ton of carbon dioxide.
  • Each person uses the equivalent of one 100 foot tall, 16 inch diameter, tree every year for their paper and wood product needs.
  • About one third of the United States of America is covered by forests.


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